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Gold Purity Analyser
Gold Purity Analyser is mainly used for determining the purity of gold in the gold products. This analyser is made using high quality raw materials and upgraded techniques. This analyser can maximize productivity at your work place and safe to use. 
Ohaus Moisture Analyzer
The Ohaus Moisture Analyzer offers precise moisture content determination in various materials. With advanced heating and weighing technology, it delivers accurate results quickly. Ideal for laboratories and production environments, it ensures quality control and product consistency.
Elemental Analyser Spectrometer
Elemental Analyser Spectrometer is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This spectrometer is very effective and used for analysing the elements in the product. This analyser is often used as a critical parameter in product quality and safety.
Element Analyser
Element Analyser is widely used for testing the elemental composition of a test sample. This analyser is designed and manufactured using premium grade tools and techniques. This analyser helps in determining what elements are present in sample and in what amount. This is very cost effective to use.
Gold Purity Spectrum Analyzer
The Gold Purity Spectrum Analyzer utilizes cutting-edge spectroscopy to assess the purity of gold samples swiftly and accurately. Its non-destructive testing method preserves the integrity of the precious metal while providing detailed purity analysis. Essential for jewelers, refineries, and assay laboratories to authenticate and certify gold quality.

Laser Marking Machine
The Laser Marking Machine offers precise and permanent marking on various materials like metals, plastics, and ceramics. With high-speed and accuracy, it enables customization, branding, and traceability in manufacturing processes. Versatile and efficient, it's an indispensable tool for industries ranging from electronics to automotive.
Spectrum Analyzer
The Spectrum Analyzer is an essential instrument for analyzing and characterizing signals across a wide frequency range. With advanced features and intuitive controls, it provides detailed insights into signal strength, frequency distribution, and modulation. Ideal for research, telecommunications, and RF testing applications.
RGD 200 Redlands Economy Gold Metal Detector
The RGD 200 Redlands Economy Gold Metal Detector offers reliable detection of gold and other precious metals in various terrains. Lightweight and easy to use, it features adjustable sensitivity and discrimination to enhance accuracy. Perfect for hobbyists, prospectors, and treasure hunters seeking valuable finds.
Moisture Analyzer
Ohaus Moisture Analyzer refers to that analyser which is widely used for analysing the moisture content in the given samples. This analyser is very effective and safe to use. This analyser has easy installation, sturdy construction and excellent working. This analyser is very effective and economical to use. 
Micro Analytical Balances
Micro Analytical Balances deliver exceptional precision and accuracy in measuring small masses for laboratory applications. With built-in calibration features and advanced technology, they ensure reliable results for critical experiments and formulations. Essential tools for pharmaceuticals, research, and quality control laboratories.
Redlands ROHS Testing Machine
The Redlands ROHS Testing Machine accurately analyzes substances for compliance with ROHS directives, ensuring the absence of hazardous materials like lead and mercury. Its user-friendly interface and rapid testing capabilities streamline regulatory compliance for manufacturers and importers of electronic products.
XM 200C Paper Shredding Machine
The XM 200C Paper Shredding Machine provides secure and efficient shredding of confidential documents and sensitive materials. With cross-cutting technology and robust construction, it ensures data protection and waste reduction in offices and businesses. Convenient and reliable, it offers peace of mind against identity theft and information breaches.